Sports Care Physical Therapy - Stay away from Sports Care

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I would never recommend Sports Care after going there for a few sessions following an injury.The first four sessions were all right but by the fifth session, too much was being piled on at once and I found that the staff there were working me too hard.

They're too aggressive and they were ignoring me when I kept telling them it was too much and that I was not OK. I had this persistent pain in my neck when I got home that kept me up all night and didn't dissipate until late the next day. There was even another physical therapist who was telling a patient jokingly, "Let's see what kind of pain we can inflict." How is that even funny?

That facility hires a lot of young people who really don't have the maturity level to handle this and who aren't supervised. I seriously think they don't know they're doing.

If you need physical therapy, pick a facility that's smaller and that doesn't have so many cooks in the kitchen.I have done that and I am doing much better that way.

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